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Interview with Tom and Tony Bancroft, Disney Animators for “The Lion King” and “Mulan”

June 17, 2015 Interview No Comments

Show Notes: 

In this episode of The Tiara Talk Show, former Disney animators Tom and Tony Bancroft (aka, the Bancroft Brothers) chat with host Tammy Tuckey about working in the Animator “Fishbowl” at The Magic of Disney Animation in Disney’s MGM Studios, Tony’s dead-on impression of Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove (a character in which he animated), Tom’s favorite celebrity encounter at the Studios, starting their own podcast about the animation industry and more!

Listen to “The Bancroft Brothers Podcast” here: http://taughtbyapro.com/category/podcasts/

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-Tom Bancroft: www.twitter.com/TomBancroft1

-Tony Bancroft: www.twitter.com/pumbaaguy1

Find out more about the upcoming animated film, “The Animal Crackers”: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalCrackersMovie

Tom’s film credits include: Mulan (Mushu), Pocahontas (Pocahontas), Brother Bear (Rutt and Tuke), and The Lion King (Young Simba).

Tony’s film credits include: Roller Coaster Rabbit, The Emperor’s New Groove (Kronk), Beauty and the Beast (Cogsworth), The Lion King (Pumba), Aladdin (Iago) and Mulan (co-director).

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